It is a well known fact that Spit braais are extremely versatile for almost any occasion. They are fantastic for a number of reasons, one being the social aspect they bring to an event. Whether it be a wedding, 21st birthday, work party, or just about any special occasion, there’s nothing better than the heavenly aroma of a juicy roast gently cooking as it slowly rotates – nothing brings a crowd together quite like a good old spit.

We offer spit braais for a minimum of 30, and a maximum of 80 people.

Quality Spit Braai

Here at Tastebuds, we only use the fines choice in meats. Lamb is naturally a very fatty meat, meaning that as the meat rotates, the fat slowly runs off, resulting in a natural baste and deliciously moist roast lamb. It is for this very reason that we don’t marinate or baste our meat. It’s so naturally flavourful!

Spit Braai Catering Never Tasted This Good!

We have tried previously to baste our meat but found that the fresh herbs and spices in the basting mixture tend to burn the outer skin on the lamb, leaving the meat with very little flavour. There are many theories with regards to injecting the meat with marinade. Many people do baste and inject meat but in our experience, this usually means that the meat being roasted is of a sub grade standard rather than of an A grade standard, or it has just been over cooked. If you would prefer your meat to be basted we can do so, but we firmly believe that there is nothing better than the natural flavour of the lamb.